I am not a mastery cook, neither do I have a huge enough pool of experiences to write a book, I just love being in the kitchen and making sth nice n tasty whenever I can. This blog is where I record all my food makings, whether using a tested recipe or making up a new one myself. And I hope together w this blog, I’ll be able to make more and more delicacies for my life, as well as enriching my kitchen experiences.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I just love being with you, luv ;))

  2. Tuanson on said:

    Click han 2 phat roi nhe 😉 Chuc em gai nam moi hay an chong nhon som lay chong :)) =))

  3. Em gai gioi qua, gio lai thanh sieu sao nau an co day 😡 Chuc nam moi em co nhieu niem vui va ngay cang de thuong xinh dep nhe.

    Anh Tuan.

  4. Huong on said:

    Hihi em gai chi h thanh pro cook roi co day ! Bao h co dip lam cream puff cho chi an nhe xx :”>

  5. Hey Chau;

    If you ever get the erge to write a book about cooking, keep me in mind.
    It is an idea I have had floating around in my mind for many years.
    Maybe we can do an “East meets West” style of cook book.

    I really enjoy your spunk, towards cooking. It reminds of myself 20 years ago 🙂


  6. the next julia child in the making? 😉 keep cooking up a storm…

  7. bat dau hoc tap ban Chau nao ^_^ veryyyy niceee and lovelyyy blog :xxx

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