Lemon Yogurt Cake

Yesss another ❀ lemony baked good ❀ !!! πŸ˜€ I made this cake and the previous one (Lemon layer cake with lemon curd) at the same day but I didn’t have time to post this any earlier. I was so busy with my last week in the latest course at school, which had me crazy with 2 exams in a week 8-}

This is the purrrfek choice for those who love lemon and yogurt. The cake can be served either after meals as dessert, or at breakfast, or brunch, or … anytime of the day πŸ˜› It’s very easy to make, especially if you have someone help u grating the lemon zest n squeezing the juice πŸ˜€ (unfortunately I had to do everything myself – poor me!!!)

The Lemon Yogurt Cake recipe below is adapted from Ina Garten in the Barefoot Contessa show.

All-purpose flour – 1 1/2 cup – app. 200gr
Baking powder – 2 ts
Kosher salt – 1/2 ts
Plain whole-milk yogurt – 1 cup – app. 240-250gr
Sugar – 1 1/3 cup – app. 200gr + 75gr – divided (I used 200gr + 60gr)
Eggs – 3 extra-large
Grated lemon zest (2 lemons) – 2 tsp – I used zest of 3 large lemons πŸ˜€
Pure vanilla extract – 1/2 ts
Vegetable oil – 1/2 cup – app.220gr
Freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1/3 cup – app. 78gr – I think I used 2 lemons

Confectioner sugar – 1 cup – app. 115gr
Freshly squeezed lemon juice – 2 tbs


– Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C. Prepare the baking pan (loaf pan). Line the bottom with parchment paper.

– Sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt into 1 bowl.

In another bowl, whisk together the yogurt, 1 cup sugar, the eggs, lemon zest, and vanilla.

– Slowly whisk the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. With a rubber spatula, fold the vegetable oil into the batter, making sure it’s all incorporated.

– Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 50 minutes, or until a cake tester placed in the center of the loaf comes out clean.

– Meanwhile, cook the 1/3 cup lemon juice and remaining 1/3 cup sugar in a small pan until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is clear. Set aside.

– When the cake is done, allow it to cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Carefully place on a baking rack over a sheet pan. While the cake is still warm, pour the lemon-sugar mixture over the cake and allow it to soak in. Cool.

– For the glaze, combine the confectioners’ sugar and lemon juice and pour over the cake.

*** I made this cake [almost] exactly like the recipe up to the point of making the glaze with confectioner sugar πŸ™‚ I normally do not like anything with too much sugar, especially glaze using powder sugar. My lemon yogurt cake is finished once the lemon-sugar mixture is poured and dried out. Talking about the lemon-sugar mixture, I used only 60gr, which is quite less than the amount required – 1/3 cup – 75gr –> my mixture is more sour than the one in the original recipe.

This is really depends on each one’s taste. For my friend (who is a guy), my cake is a bit too sour, especially the bottom of the cake where most of the lemon-sugar mixture is absorbed; while for me n my girl friend, this cake taste absolutely balanced πŸ˜€ Maybe it’s because we both love tangy food, and u know, generally girls are better at eating sour food than guys lol πŸ˜€

So if u prefer a sweeter taste, make sure you make the glaze, or add more sugar to the lemon-sugar mixture πŸ˜‰

A piece of the lemon cake:

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2 thoughts on “Lemon Yogurt Cake

  1. Mingo on said:

    Click 3 lan` rui` nhe. Banh’ trong ngon the’. Cho chi 1 mieng’ voi!!!

  2. wow! I am soo glad I have come across your site! That looks so tasty and I’m looking to improve on my baking skills! Thanks! Just wish I could eat it now! lol

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