Vietnamese Beef Stew with Ginger

This is a great winter dish which is very very simple to make. When I was small, I always thought that this beef stew is more than complicated, actually we simply simmer all together for several hours, of course the more you cook the longer it will take. Just have to be patient 😛

Here is the recipe for Stewed Beef with Ginger:

Beef – cut into bite-size pieces (about 300-400gr)
Ginger – 1 small – very thinly sliced
Salt – 2ts
Fish sauce – 2tbs
Very little water


– Add all the ingredients to the pan, bring to a boil and then simmer in medium heat for 1-2 hrs. Add salt or fish sauce if necessary.

– Actually I stewed the beef and ginger using my rice cooker 😀 My rice cooker has several fuctions: rice cooking, soup/porridge/ baby food/ keeping warm. First I chose “baby food” to cook the beef until tender without losing any of the liquid, then I turned to “rice cooking” to ger rid of the excess liquid. That’s all 😀

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