Stewed pork shank with hoisin sauce

Traditionally, this dish is made with pork belly, but I happened to find the shank very suitable also. In addition, pork shank contains less fat than the pork belly, which results in an obviously more healthy dish 😀 hehe

And traditionally, stewed pork is made only with sugar, fish sauce, salt (and also coconut juice in the South of Vietnam) – this is just my funny experiments using hoisin sauce n a small amount of charsiu sauce. To be honest I have never stewed pork the same way twice 😀 And this version is the latest one, made for a friend of mine who is a REAL lazy cook – he’s not so keen on jumping to the kitchen, playing with uncooked ingredients – not like me at all 8-> To be honest, I used my friend as my guinea pig to try my experiment using hoisin sauce 😀 haha And luckily he DID like it. My taste also told me that this version is, so far, the best of all :D/ Yay yay :D/ I was so afraid that it may taste weird for other pp 😀 Gonna try making this when I come home again 😉 In the end I should have some thing as MY original huh? ❤

So, here is the recipe for Stewed pork with hoisin sauce:


Pork shank – 800gr – cut into bite-size pieces

Hoisin sauce – 2,5 ts

Charsiu sauce – 2ts

Sugar – 2tbs + 2tbs

Fish sauce – 5tbs

Salt – 1tbs


– Marinate the pork w 1,5 ts hoisin sauce + 1 ts charsiu sauce + 2tbs sugar + fish sauce + salt (the rest of the hoisin n charsiu sauce will be added later, almost at the end of the process)

– Meanwhile, caramelize the sugar: heat 2 tbs sugar (without water) in the pan under high heat until it is caramelized, forming a dark red brown paste in the bottom of the pan.

– Add all the marinated pork (the pork doesn’t have to be marinated for long) into the pan, stir once or twice so that all the pieces have some burnt from the caramelized sugar. Immediately add 100ml water to the pan to prevent the whole thing from burning 😛 ; reduce the heat to medium-high.

– So basically all the steps are done 😀

Normally in stewing people would add more water, amount depends on each’s preference and simmer under medium or medium low heat for hours (at least 1 hr for this amount, I would recommend 2 hrs) until all the pork are tender n nicely colored.

However, as I’m a very impatient n kinda hectic cook :D, I usually stew the pork under very high heat, kind of boiling the meat until all the water are evaporated, I add more water n keep boiling, again. Each time I make stewed pork I often boil the meat for 3-4 times. I feel time passes faster when I have something to do (like keep adding more water, for example :D) than when sitting there just waiting for the meat to be cooked.

This time for this stewed pork in hoisin sauce, I think I was simmering the pork under medium high heat, adding water once or twice, each time roughly 150-200ml.

After simmering for about less than 2 hrs, add 1 more ts of hoisin sauce + 1 ts charsiu sauce so that the pork + the liquid have a stronger taste n deeper color. At this step u can try n see whether the taste is perfect for u or not, if not, just add some more seasoning (either sugar or salt/ fish sauce).

Then simmer for15- 20 more mins and it’s done!!!

– The pork should be colored, tender n moist. The fat or skin of the pork must also be tender and does not feel “fat” anymore.

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