Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Beef – 150gr – thinly sliced

Garlic – 3-4 cloves – minced

Onion – 1/2 large – sliced

Broccoli – 1/2 head

Carrot – 1/2 small

Green peas – 30gr

Flour – 1 ts

Oil – 2 ts

Salt, pepper, sugar


Slice the beef as thin as possible. U can make it easier by putting the beef into the freezer for a while before slicing.

– Marinate the beef w garlic, oil, flour, sugar (about 1ts), salt (about 2 ts), pepper (1/2 ts), leave for about 30 mins or 1 hr. U may leave the marinated beef in the fridge as well.

– Heat the pan, add very little oil (u already have oil in the beef) to the hot pan, then throw in the marinated beef. Stir fry a bout 10-15 seconds to have the beef half-cooked. Remove from pan, set aside.

– Add some more oil in to the pan, throw in the onion and stir fry until onion’s lightly translucent. Add in all other kinds of vegie, season w some salt n pepper, stir fry for about 3-4 mins.

– Add in the half-cooked beef to the pan, stir fry w the vegie until totally cooked. Season more w salt n pepper if needed.

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