Fried Honey Chicken – Almost an accident :-s :D

I almost got my chicken burnt!!!! :-s :-s :-s That’s the result of being careless n doing 2 things at the same time :-O A really no-no for me !!! My chicken drumsticks were on high high heat and I was enjoying myself playing around w other boiled chicken parts :)) lol Luckily I still managed to get my dish eat-able :-> Eat-able – I mean tasty B-) haha

Chicken – 3 drumsticks (chicken thighs/drumsticks are the best the best for this dish ❤ Ah yummy)
Garlic – as much as u want – I used 6-7 big cloves – minced
Honey – 1 tbs
Fish sauce – 1,5 tbs
Sugar – 1 ts
Salt – 1 ts
Pepper – 1 ts
Oil for frying


Prepare the chicken: U can either de-bone or de-skin according to ur preference, but it’s best to leave the skin on for better coloration on the final result. In any case, remember to make shallow cuts on either side of the drumstick so that it marinates better and also cooks faster.

Marinate chicken w honey, fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper n *LOTS OF* minced garlic for at least 30 mins

– Heat pan n oil (high heat). Once hot, add the marinated chicken, leave for browning. Turn to the other side n again, leave for the chicken to be browned. Remember to keep an eye on ur chicken or u’re gonna end up get it burnt, just like me :-s I think I was so into … making chicken salad at the same time :”>

In case ur chicken gets burnt, there’s still a way B-) haha Where there’s a will, there’s a ways :-> The magic word is WATER !!! Just pour some (not too much or u’re gonna braise – not anymore fry ur chicken) water into the pan to de-glaze n “de-burn” the chicken. If ur chicken is seriously burnt 😀 just cut off the hopelessly burnt parts n continue cooking the rest like normal. Still, u do need water.

Anyway, it’s best to turn down the heat to medium high right after throwing in ur drumsticks – I mean the chicken’s, not yours 😀

– Just .. wait for the chicken to be cooked through, get nicely browned, til it smell yummy yummy u cannot wait anymore, turn off the heat, serve 😀

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