Pork in Sweet Sour Tomato Sauce

I actually wanted to make a different version of sweet n sour pork, but my friend came up with tomatoes so I decided to change the plan 😀 To be honest, this’s not only the first time I made this kind of sweet n sour pork, but also the very first time I had this as well 😛 Quite good n very easy to make.


Pork – cut into bite-sized

Tomato – 2 medium – cut into pieces

Garlic – 2 cloves – minced

Fish sauce

Vinegar – 1-2 tsp




– Heat the pan w oil, once hot, add the pork, searing w a little salt. When the meat is browned out side (do not need to be thoroughly cooked), remove from pan.

– Add a little more oil if needed, add minced garlic, when lightly browned, add tomato, cook for a while till tomatoes are tender

– Add some water, fish sauce, salt, vinegar, sugar – taste the mixture n add some of the seasoning if needed

– Add the fried pork, cook for about 10 more mins until the meat is totally done

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