Shrimps n Pork stir-fried

Just like the first recipe for Shrimp in this blog, this dish is cooked in the same way, w pork added 😀





Garlic – finely chopped

Fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper to taste


– Heat pan n oil, throw in garlic n stir till golden-browned

– Add pork, season w a little salt n sugar, cook for about 3-4 mins

– Add shrimp, fish sauce, salt n sugar (dont put too much seasoning, u can still add more later afterwards)

– Stir-fry the whole mixture in about 5-10 more mins (depending on the amount of ingredient u have). U’re gonna see liquid comming out from both the pork n shrimp –> Stir-fry until there’s no more liquid. Add more sugar/salt/fish sauce according to ur taste. One all the liquid has evaporated, cook for 2-3 more mins and stir thoroughly to make sure everything is nicely browned.

Serve w rice.

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