Chicken n Sweet Potato Curry

Sorry so much u guys, who have been following my “as old as hell” page for a while 😛 I’ve been really busy … relaxing 😀 n of course studying as well 😛 I spent my whole 3-week break in France and I really enjoyed myself travelling to different places :X Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday :X I’ve been to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg (in Xmas) n Paris!!! Les villes sont tres bon!!! After the break, I came back to this deadly boring city in Jan 5th, which was also the first day of my spring semester. 2 weeks has gone by, n I’ve already been through 2 exams, 3 case studies, n 1 research plan due yesterday :-&

Anyway, those were not really the case why I almost quit cooking n baking. I have some other personal reasons, which I’m gonna tell u guys later when I have more time gossiping ’bout myself 😛

Fortunately, a friend n I have recently made a win-win agreement, which allows me to cook anything I want – once a week. Believe me this’s like heaven to me – when I’m allowed to cook and dont have to eat/do everything alone !!!! Today is my first day being my friend’s personal cook :D/ haha It sounds interesting huh ?!? :)) 😀 😛

So… let’s get started, again !!! This version of chicken curry is not an Indian or Malaysian original, it has been Westernized n requires only a short time to cook.


Oil (sunflower preferred) – about 1 tbsp

Curry paste – 2 to 4 teaspoons, depending on your taste

Boneless, skinless chicken – cut into bite-size pieces

Sweet potatoes – 2 medium – cut into bite-size pieces

Chicken stock – 300ml

Coconut milk – 400ml

Frozen/Fresh green peas – 175gr


– Heat the pan n oil, stir in curry paste and fry for about 1 min

– Add in chicken n sweet potato, stir until thoroughly covered w the curry paste.

– Pour in chicken stock n coconut milk, bring to a boil n then simmer for about 15 mins

– Add the peas, cook for about 5 more mins, season w salt to taste.

And u’re done 😀

This can be served w rice or bread, like any other curries.


– If you use chicken thigh instead of chicken breast, u can boil the chicken in advance, so that u can still cook the curry quickly n have extra chicken stock to add in. Chicken stock can also be used to cook rice to eat w the curry. Really yummy :X

– Next time I’m gonna season the chicken n potato at the very beginning, I think the dish would be more tasty that way 😉

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2 thoughts on “Chicken n Sweet Potato Curry

  1. limeandlemon on said:

    this looks delicious .. love the photos .. Laila ..

  2. galantine2612 on said:

    Hi Laila, thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving me a nice comment 😉 Welcome to my kitchen 😛 I’ve just had a look at your page, very lovely and well-instructed recipes, I really appreciate that (I’m always too lazy to take picture of every step I do w each dish :P)

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