Fried pork with breadcrumbs


Pork – 300gr

Fish sauce – 2tsp

Salt, pepper to taste

Egg – 1




– Slice the pork – about 0.5 or less – cm thick. Putting the meat into the freezer for about 20 mins makes it easier to slice thinly

– Marinate with fish sauce, salt n pepper. Leave for about 10-15 mins

– Pour flour onto a flat dish, breadcrumbs onto a deeper plate.If u want u can mix the breadcrumbs w some salt n pepper also. But be careful, or ur meat’s gonna be over salted.

– Beat egg.

– Take each of the meat slice through 3 “gates” :)) Flour -> egg -> Breadcrumbs. Make sure the slices are cover thoroughly by all layers.

– Heat pan. Oil in (not too much pls pls). Meat in. One side browned –> turn. Cook till golden browned – or as long as u think they’re eatable :)) =)) 😀

– Serve w ketchup, Asian sweet n sour sauce, mayonnaise, or any dipping sauce u prefer.


– I find this dish more likely to be an appetizer, rather than a main dish which can be served w rice or sth similar.

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