Omelette with cheese, pesto and ketchup

This is another quick n easy recipe for breakfast. Perfect with bread. Absolute choice for anyone who loves cheese n pesto (and lazy like me :P)


Egg – 2

Pesto – 1 or 2 tsp

Cheese – grated, as much as you want

Ketchup – about 1 tbsp

Salt, pepper to taste



– Heat pan.

– Beat the eggs, add very little salt n pepper. Do not add enough as normal cause u’re gonna have pesto n cheese n ketchup to make up for the taste.

– Once pan is hot enough, pour in 1 tsp of oil (actually I would say use as little oil as possible, especially for a non-stick one)

– Pour in the egg mixture. Cook at high or medium high heat until the surface looks half-done.

– Spread the pesto onto the omelette. Then throw in ur grated cheese. Let the omelette cook about a few seconds more, til u see the cheese melt. Turn off the heat and gently move the omelette to ur dish. Add some ketchup. And u’re ready for a yummy treat. :X

Or u can also put the ketchup earlier when the omelette is still in the pan, and quickly fold it like this 😀

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