Tiny cookies

I feel really really bored today. I wanted to make sth else, like savory bread, but I didn’t have enough ingredients to make nice-enough fillings. And actually I was so so so fed up with everything that I didn’t want to follow any recipe at all. So simple I just jumped to my kitchen :D, and started with very basic ingredients, hoping to make sth eatable. That’s all I ever wanted (today!) And thank God I was lucky enough to make sth simple and eatable 😉


Butter – 50gr

Sugar – 100gr

Egg – 1 large

Flour – 200gr

Sesame seeds, dried coconut flakes, sand sugar


– Cream butter until smooth and creamy

– Add sugar, mix until light and fluffy

– Add in the egg, mix til combined

– Add almost all the flour, mix until combined, check the dough, if it sticks to your hand when pinched, add more flour. If not, it’s done.

– Preheat the oven to 190C

– Take tiny bits of the dough n roll into tiny balls or press them into rounds. Put on the baking tray and “drizzle” with sugar, dried coconut or sesame seeds. (I found it’s best to use the dried coconut)

– Bake until the edges of the cookies turn light brown. ( I think it’s about 7-10mins – I didnt really check the time, I checked by …opening my oven and taking a look 😀

This recipe makes about 68 small cookies 😛 There aren’t enough on the dish, some other are still on the baking tray and some have already settled in our stomaches (mine n my “monkey”‘s :D)


– This cookie is actually a little bit dry I think. Maybe next time I’m gonna use 80gr of butter to see how it’s gonna turn out to be 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Tiny cookies

  1. dieu huong on said:

    ui ngon mắt thế m, bao giờ về VN nhớ làm cho t ăn thử nhé :X

  2. "monkey" ;) on said:

    Hey, I ate only 1 cooky!!! 🙂 …

  3. "monkey" ;) on said:

    Hey, I ate only 1 cooky 😉 … anyway, these cookies smell so good 😀 … and do not call me monkey in public ;))

  4. "monkey" on said:

    hey, I ate only one cookie! … anyway, it smells good 😀

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