Rolled egg – A less simple version of omelette

This is a more complicated version of the normal omelette we often make for a quick meal. This egg roll looks quite hard to make, but actually it’s no different than making several omelettes and roll them together. For me, it’s even more simple than making a normal, flat omelette. I’ve always …struggled with keeping the flat omelette not broken into pieces when turned 😐


Egg – 2 or 3

Fish sauce – 2 tsp

Salt, Pepper, Sugar to taste


– Heat pan at high heat. Beat eggs with salt, sugar, pepper and fish sauce.

– Once pan is hot, add a tsp (or less) of oil, reduce to medium high heat.

– Pour into the pan 1/3 of the egg mixture to get a thin layer of egg. Cook until almost done, when the surface is half cooked, start rolling the layer to make an egg roll. Move the roll to 1 side of the pan.

– Pour another 1/3 of the egg mixture to the pan to make another layer (don’t worry if this layer stick to the egg roll u just made). When this layer is almost done, using the 1st egg roll, roll on to this 2nd layer to make a bigger roll.

– Repeat with the last 1/3 of the egg mixture

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5 thoughts on “Rolled egg – A less simple version of omelette

  1. Hơ hơ 1 nửa số lần mình lật trứng là bị vỡ :))

  2. hihi, muon’ an wa’

  3. post entry như gà đẻ trứng ý m yêu ạh =))

  4. hom no tao lam thu thich qua’, bt tao cuon trung 100% la bi nat’ =)), tai cuon nguyen 1 tang? to dung`.. :”>

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