Pulla – the Finnish cinnamon rolls


First of all I want to thank Laura – my pulla tutor :X for showing me the original – real way to make pulla !!! We follow the instruction from a Finnish baking book published in 1987 which is even older than all three of us!!! I also want to thank Van – my lovely cutie roomie, for joining us making the legendary Finnish pullas!!! 😀

Time is money, so let’s get to work, right now !!!

For the dough
Flour – 1,5l (I dont know the accurate weight, as in Finland they often use dl to measure everything)
Milk – 500dl – equal to 0,5l 😀
Fresh yeast – about 25gr
1 Egg
Cardamom – as much as u love it
Sugar – 1,5dl
Salt – 1 and a half tsp

For the buns
Butter – 100gr
Sugar and Cinnamon – as much as u want
1 Egg – for brushing
Crystal sugar – for garnish

– Heat the milk till it reaches 37C, break the yeast into small chunks and add to the warmed milk. Remember the milk must be approximately 37C, being too cold or too hot would inactivate the fresh yeast.

– Add in all other ingredients, except flour (and the last 3 ingredients). Do not forget, or skip the salt, as it contributes to activating the yeast as well. And how can any bun survive w/o yeast ?!?

– When everything is totally mixed together, add the flour.
First add 1l of flour. Mix well.
Then gradually add the rest 0,5l of flour. U may need more or less the amount, depending on your dough. When you mix (firstly mix, then knead a little) the dough and see it comes together to a huge soft ball, no longer sticks to the side of the bowl or your hand, it’s ready to rise.

There’s one tip when mixing the ingredients together (when you add the flour): clench ur fist tightly, w ur thumb covered by the other fingers, use your fist to press n mix everything together. Keep clenching even when you knead the dough. Believe me that’s very useful and will definitely reduce the amount of dough stuck to your palm and nails!!!

– Once the dough’s ready, keep it covered in a dry towel in a warm place until it doubles in size. This step should take about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

– Now once the dough has risen enough, divide it into three or four parts so that it’s easier to work with.
Flour a surface, knead the dough (divided) a few times, then start rolling it to get a thin rectangle (or square)

– Now spread a thin (not too thin plsss) layer of butter (u must be able to see this butter layer, do not make the butter invisible at this step!!!) on the dough. Then another layer of sugar and cinnamon. Try to put have the same amount of sugar and cinnamon everywhere on the dough. You wouldn’t want your pullas to have unequal taste. The amount of sugar and cinnamon here really depends on how sweet u want the buns to be, and how strong the cinnamon flavor.

– When done, roll the cinnamon, rolling rolling, keep on rolling over and over 😀
Then shape the roll a bit to make sure every part looks equally sized. Then use a small knife and cut the roll into several trapezoids, or triangles. This link shows how to cut and shape the roll and the pulla: http://www.saunalahti.fi/~marian1/gourmet/15_7.htm (But I don’t use the recipe here, I don’t trust it – it failed me once :D)

– At this step, you may beat the egg and brush the middle top of the bun, adding some crystal or sanding sugar on top – then bake the pullas. Otherwise, u may cover the shaped dough with a dry towel and wait about 30 minutes more for proofing, then brush w the egg, top w sugar and bake’em.

Last night we were too eager to wait any longer, so we just skipped the proofing step.

In the oven:


The first batch – together with some other *waiting* dough to get tanned 😀


A closer look:


The 2nd batch turned out perfectly, just as the 1st one 😀






Again, Laura, thank you so much for *organizing* (wow this sounds so huge haha) the pulla night, our Asian dinner will soon be planned 😉 No winter night could prevent us feeling warm with those lovely pullas …


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3 thoughts on “Pulla – the Finnish cinnamon rolls

  1. dear friend,

    got shocked with the rolls you made I

    thought that my chubbie galantine (see, ur name is also kind of food :))) had forgotten her kitchen these days as I didn’t see any new photos of baking and cooking in her blog. Then suddenly I find this one … hahaha you’r kinda people that cannot live far far away from the kitchen, like me huh :))

    anw, nice to see your rolls, I should try it soon (maybe tmr after my first exam :D).

    just now, scones for early breakfast …. :X

  2. huhu Chau oi tao nho may qua …. cu bake la tao lai nho may … h tao hok muon hoc nua chi muon mo hieu banh thoi :((

  3. galantine2612 on said:

    Oh my Godness my sweetie thank you sooo much !!! Do you know I’ve been waiting for the first comment for so loooong !!! It feels like ages 😀 😛 U should also have a food blog like me B-) And we’re gonna learn from one another and feel like we’re still together (like ..the old days haha :D) And yeh, I absolutely agree that scone is the perfect thing for breakfast 😀 Easy, fast and filling 😉

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