Sesame Cookies – Tada!!!

Already a baking-addict, I’m even more obsessed with those baked goods whenever I feel unhappy (stressed, depressed, upset, what-so-ever!) And these days are one of those stressful and tiring ones. I have sooo much work to do for the class but I haven’t touched any. I have to submit my thesis field in the next few days. I’m gonna have my thesis started asap and manage to get it done by April. That is scary. Seriously scary. 😐 Believe me thesis is a lot more horrible than the midnight of any Halloween !!! I’m excited for Halloweens to come, I’m curious to watch horror movies, but I don’t even dare to look at any documents related to my thesis. Oh my God how can I survive ?!?

At least I’m still alive, for now, and I can still make cookies !!! yay yay !!! The previous post was the very first thing I made since I started cooking. Today will be the latest thing I made in my kitchen πŸ˜‰

I found a recipe for cookies made with sesame seeds. It’s so simple so I decided to make it right away, with a slight modification.


Butter – 100gr (room temperature)
Icing sugar – 160-180gr – depending on ur taste – I used only 106gr
1 egg
Flour – 320gr
Baking powder – 1/2 tsp
Milk – 1tbsp
Sesame seeds 80gr (u can mix any kind of sesame seeds u like, the more the better)

The original recipe called for 50gr butter and 50gr shortening, but as I never have any shortening in hand (I don’t even know where to buy it here in this tiny town), I just used 100gr butter instead. There was no milk in the recipe I found, but there IS in my recipe πŸ˜€ I simply thought it helped. To be honest I just wanted to get rid of my almost-expired milk in the fridge πŸ˜€

– Cream butter and sugar until creamy (the mixture’s gonna look pale yellow and quite fluffy)
Normally, U will find the amount of sugar at this point is quite a lot more than the butter, then if u use the hand mixer, it’s very likely that the icing sugar’s gonna fly all over ur face and body πŸ˜€ haha To avoid this, first cream the butter, then pour in the sugar and use a fork to mix them together, and there’s not much difference between the creamed butter and the sugar, u can use ur mixer to make them smoother and more combined

– Now, add the egg.
Again I didn’t do exactly as i should have. The original recipe told me to beat the egg, then add in. I simply threw in my egg and mixed everything rigorously πŸ˜€ First I didn’t see the mixture really combined, but keep on mixing, U will get perfect result for sure!

– And the flour and baking powder. Make ur dough.
At this point, u can add milk or not, depending on your dough. If u think it’s too dry, add the milk, if not, just mix your dough and …

– Add the sesame seeds.

Now once your dough is ready, preheat your oven to 175C, then start working on the dough. (Thank God this recipe does not call for refrigerating the cookie dough) Just do whatever you want with the dough. Make bite-size cookies. Roll the dough and use the cookie cutters. Play with the dough and shape as desire. Do anything you want, as long as you have fun !!!

And after processed in the oven for about 15 minutes, you should get something similar to these:







I even tried putting some jam into 1 piece of the dough πŸ˜› It’s not so easy, but I found out that this dough can definitely be used for thumbprint cookies as well!


Tomorrow – actually today, it’s 3.48am Sunday now – I’m gonna make pulla with some of my friends. Pulla is the short name in Finnish for Finnish sweet buns. What differs pulla from other kinds of buns is that we need cardamom in the recipe. Oh yum!!! I love that smell that this seed gives our pullas. There are several variations using the pulla dough. I will try to show you guys asap !!!

Good night for now, I’ll be back, soon!!!

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