Stir-Fried Shrimps

…were the very first thing I made as an abroad-studying student.

One year ago.

It was the very first time I did touch an uncooked shrimp 😀 It was 18 years before this girl dared to prepare shrimps for her meal !!!

I still remember when I was about 10 or 11, my mom brought home some fresh and ALIVE shrimps. She poured them all into the kitchen sink, waiting to be prepared and cooked. As a 100% urban girl, I really couldn’t tell if the shimps were still alive – uncooked, or not 😐 (Oh gosh this’s gonna happen to my next generations as well :D) Curiously, I lifted my little finger and tried to touch them …. ARHHHHHHH This little girl shouted at her maximum volume when the shrimp jumped up when touched !!!! Believe me, THAT was scary – touching something u thought to be dead, but it actually was not.

Now that’s still one of the very legendary stories about that mom usually tells people (especially my friends!) But now, my friends, I’m brave now !!!! I can touch shrimps 😀 hahaha and I can even cook them !!! Yes I do cook shrimps, and I love love love cooking shrimps !!!

Okie just get back to work for now B-)


This is one of my top choices for shrimp recipes. Really easy. Really tasty. Oh yummy yummy I’m missing it now !!!

This is how I make it:

– Shrimp – peeled or not, whatever is fine
– Garlic – as much as u love to have, and dont forget to mince them
– Oil
– Seasoning: can be however u want your dish to be – Seriously !!! Basically u just need salt and sugar, u can also add fish sauce (which is very common or VNese style), pepper, or even honey, anything u like. If u want the shrimps to be salty, use more salty ingredients than the sweet ones, “vice versa”, u can increase the amount of sugar or honey if u prefer sweeter taste.

Normally when cooking, I always play with the spices when it comes to marinate the ingredients or season the dish.

– If u want u can mariate the shrimps w the seasoning/spices about 15-20 minutes before cooking
– Heat ur pan, skillet, or wok – whatever u have in ur kitchen.
– Pour in some oil – do not put too much, just about 2 ts or 1 tbs, and this also depends of how much shrimps u’re gonna cook.
– Throw in ur minced garlic, if u want u can add a dash of salt at this point, and stir fry the garlic till it’s golden (but not too browned – as they’ll be browned during the next few munites) and smells tasty (oh yummy I love garlic!!!)
– Now, throw in ur marinated shrimps and cook til done. Normally it takes just 5 minutes or sth. If u dont have time to mariate the shrimps, it’s absolutely fine. Just throw in ur un-marinated shrimps, together w all the seasonings. U’re gonna have the same results for sure. Well okie it may not be 100% the same, but u will not be able to tell any difference 😀

Some water will come from the shrimps during the marinating or cooking process. Use them! And finally when done there will be a little think sauce covering ur shrimps. That’s what u need, u do need !!! I often like my stir-fried shrimps to taste both salty and sweet at the same time, not too salty or the other way round.

It just take about 10 minutes to make this dish, and u will love it. I’ve never known anyone who does not love stir-fried shrimps. Oh and dont forget to eat the garlic, u must eat them!!! If u do not love garlic, u will love them now 😀

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2 thoughts on “Stir-Fried Shrimps

  1. Cho dù tớ bị dị ứng với tôm, và tôm rang của tớ ko bao h có tỏi nhưng mà nhìn tôm rang của ấy tớ vẫn thấy thèm wá :))

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