It’s already 1 year n 2 months since I first – and officially – cooked sth myself. Things started when I began my studying abroad, living on my own, and alone. Had it not been for the oven provided in almost any student apartment here, I wouldn’t have been so into cooking and baking. From a little princess at home who never – ever touched anything in the kitchen, who was always so scared of fire n knife, cooking n touching raw food, I’ve turned into someone who love all kinds of food in this world, who has been spending hours and hours reading about food and checking out hundreds of recipes every week, and most importantly, who has considered the kitchen her comfort zone 🙂 To be honest, what I feel most guilty about my cooking n baking obsession, is that I actually spend wayyy more time reading about food and practicing in the kitchen than on my study here. I can spend the whole day reading about cooking, recipe, looking for sth new and easy, but can never read my textbook continuously for more than 2 hours.

Anyway, I think it’s time I had a place devoted to my cooking n baking obsession only – where I share what I’ve done, what I’ve learn, and make new friends who have the same love for food as I do.

Living alone on my own, I don’t have a lot of chances to make real, delicious food, as I always feel *kinda* miserable cooking, eating, and washing the dishes, all by myself, w no one to share what I’ve made. Moreover, the student life with no part-time job, together with the need for travelling quite a lot does make my food budget very limited. However I did manage to make several things to bring to parties or to share w my friends living near me. I am not a mastery cook, neither do I have a huge enough pool of experiences to write a book, I just love being in the kitchen and making sth nice n tasty whenever I can. This blog will be where I record all my food makings, whether using a tested recipe or making up a new one myself. And I hope together w this blog, I’ll be able to make more and more delicacies for my life, as well as enriching my kitchen experiences.

I will start writing and uploading pictures of what I made before together w updating my cookings n bakings these days. I’m totally new to WP, but I hope that I’ll soon get familiar to this and build a lovely house for my kitchen here.

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One thought on “Preface

  1. hey, I am excited to see your blog. I am Vietnamese student study in the U.S and I love cooking too. I actually work as a cook in a French restaurant also. Hope we can talk FOOD sometime. I see this on your Facebook so i am gonna add you.

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